New generic top-level domains


The top-level domain tags with with we are all familiar because of the World Wide Web actually antedate its arrival: .com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .net, .org and .arpa (the last of these refers to ARPANET, the precursor of the Internet, created in 1969; it is used today only for technical infrastructure purposes) all were first implemented at the beginning of 1985. During the Web era, a number of new ones were introduced, including .aero for aviation companies, .coop for cooperatives and companies that support them; .info for “informative” resources; and .biz for businesses, all created in 2001. There are also four domains (.test and .example being two) which have been “reserved” to avoid confusion, as well as “pseudo” top-level domains such as .bitnet and .csnet that are not part of the official World Domain System, or even the Internet in some cases. Some other domains, such as .nato (late 1980s-1996), are no longer in use. Exact match domains like are not readily available anymore and these new top level domains will give businesses more options.

New domains

On October 23, 2013 ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced the release of the first new generic top-level domains into the Root Zone of the Internet. Unlike earlier domains, of which four have been released so far, these ones will be in non-Roman scripts such as Greek, Cyrillic (for Russian), Hebrew, Arabic, Devanagari (for Hindi), Chinese and Japanese. Their names will also be foreign; for instance, شبكة is Arabic for ;web

How these new domains will change the Internet

Profound changes in the online world will take place as a result of this new development. One is that entrepreneurs in countries whose languages use a non-Roman script will have the advantage of being able to use their own scripts for their URLs. Always before, they have had to learn the English alphabet (which is invaluable anyway, considering the importance of English as a world language); this can be difficult for some.

The world will be changing for businesses too. They will have a wider range of choices for domains, which will make it easier to create separate sites for branches in other countries. The huge increase of gTLDs from 22 to over 1400 is a change that “promises to promote global innovation, competition and consumer choice.” Since English is a native language for only a small percentage of the world’s people, non-Anglophones will be playing a more active role in world trade.

Mobile Site VS Responsive Design

What is better a mobile version of my site or a responsive design?

The mobile site is a short term investment and complicates website management. It is the cheapest method of hitting users on mobile devices as alot of companies offer free mobile conversion tools. The tools never quite spin out something that looks great and usually leave you with a functional, but ugly mobile site.

The future is in responsive design. It is harder to develop a responsive site because when you are making it you have to account for styling for multiple screen sizes. The investment into a responsive design will prevent headaches down the road with the simplicity of one domain, no weird redirecting, and a faster site. Responsive sites load fast most of the magic is in the css and css loads fast.

Here is an example of a responsive site I really liked. Oh and its for a septic tank company in Miami. Yea so if a company that deals in poop (septic tank miami) all day is already gone responsive maybe your law office, accounting firm, or dental office should do the same.

  1. Desktop View
  2. Mobile ViewScreen-Shot-2013-03-25-at-10.32.43-PM

Internet Marketing It Pays To Be first

Having trouble with internet marketing?

  • I have a website and it doesn’t generate any leads.
  • I use social marketing instead of having a website.

The best way to get more customers for your business is by showing up first in google for your keyword. If you are not showing up first your competitor is taking your business.

Did I say show up first. I meant you need to show up first, second, and third. You need to have your website rank first, A youtube video rank second, and another web property that you control show up third.

The Website

You are going to have to pay someone to build you a website or learn to build one yourself. Just don’t use those over night do it yourself website building tools. Its junk. Your website needs to look and feel amazing, the longer you keep people on your website the more your rankings in the search engines will improve. If people hit your site and immediately click off cause it doesn’t load properly or looks 1996, you are telling google that your website doesn’t add value to a searcher. So if you can’t make a website that is impressive please hire someone.

So assuming you have a website now with content on it that people like and use, you need to learn how to make it show up first. If users like your content whether it be an article, images, a video, a quiz, or a game you have gotten 50% of the ranking battle complete. You just need to get a little momentum going to push you to #1.

You now need other websites to link to your website. This tells google that other websites like your website. It is like they are voting for you. Why would they ever vote for your website? You have to add value to the internet. Ideally you would like a really well trusted and respected website to link to you like fox, forbes, nasa, or a colleges’ website, but that is nearly impossible. Assuming your website is great you will most likely pick up links from social websites like Facebook. Those are good links for you. Niche related websites may link to you cause your website explains something better than theirs or a blogging mom may link to you cause they liked your product. Whatever the case is you need links coming to your website.

The Youtube Video

You need a youtube video with your keyword and phone number in the title. The video could be a slideshow of your product, a promotional video of your product, or anything related to your product that will get searches to watch the video to the very end. If a user watches the video to the very end it tells youtube that the video adds value to the user. Your video will move up in the google rankings for your keyword if the user watches it until the very end.